Themenabend „Festivalkultur Kasachstans“ mit Rustam Ospanoff

DJ and Broadcaster from Kazakhstan. Rustam is the President of the biggest music festival in Central Asia – JAZZYSTAN which has a place in Almaty few times a year. More than 100 musicians and DJs from USA, France, Brazil, Japan, UK, Australia & Germany have performed at 10 Jazzystan Music Festival events since 2009:

Jamiroquai, Jazzanova Live feat. Paul Randolph Live, Marcos Valle, Shuya Okino Live Set feat. N’Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) & Navasha Daya (Fertile Ground), Gilles Peterson, Earl Zinger, LEFTO, Rainer Trueby, OMAR, Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, J.A.M., Tortured Soul, Reel People, Electric Empire, Bah Samba, Kyoto Jazz Massive Live feat. Tasita D’Mour & Vanessa Freeman, Root Soul, Darien Dean, DJ Kon (from Kon & Amir), Simbad, Eddy Ramich (Eddy Meets Yannah), Mad Mats (GAMM, Raw Fusion, Local Talk), Alex Barck (Jazzanova), Nik “Nippon” Weston (Mukatsuku), Seiji, Emile Omar (Radio Nova), Jazzamar, Shacho (Soil & "PIIMP" Sessions), Matzz (Quasimode), Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai) to name a few…

Rustam is one of the graduates of Red Bull Music Academy (Rome/2004). He is producer of Energy FM radio station in Almaty. There are also loads of exclusive music on his personal online radio station – GRAVITY.FM. For 12 years his 4 and 6 hrs live weekly radio shows bring its listeners a unique sound from all over the globe. His dj sets and mixes is an incredible mix of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Exotic, Latin, Brazilian, Boogie, Disco, Hip-Hop, House, Bass & Dubstep. His selection is always fresh and eclectic.

The number of the records he owns continuously replenishes; Jazzystan keeps on growing year after year, giving a residency to a lot of new citizen. His continuous efforts and achievements in the music field have inspired a lot of local dj’s and music-lovers.
During 2012 Rustam organized 7 big Jazzystan Music Festival events and played at several events in Tokyo (The Room, The JZ Brat), Moscow (Propaganda, Kult, Soup), on summer festival SUNSPLASH in Turkey, where he was to perform along with Gilles Peterson, Phil Asher, Kenny Dope, Kev Beadle, DJ Rahaan, Lefto and others; on Brownswood event with Gilles Peterson at Plastic People (London); in Hamburg with Phil Dairmont; in Brussels, in Prague and many other places. Rustam is coming for his second european tour (26 February to 18 March 2013) which will start in Hamburg (Club "Mojo").

27.2.13 05:00

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